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iSymphony LC32iF90 Review

iSymphony LC32iF90
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The 32-inch LCD TV from iSymphony LC32iF90 is an affordable HD LCD television with 1080p full HD resolution. You will get an experience of a complete home theatre with this TV. In the following iSymphony LC32iF90 review we will take a look at the test results of picture quality, design, performance and price and find out if this LCD HDTV is good choice or not.

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Picture Quality:
The picture quality of LC32iF90 is very good. VOIRE engineering is the name behind its high picture quality. It has very high brightness to give you vivid and clear picture. The high contrast feature will help you differentiate between brighter whites and deeper blacks. It has a 32-inch display with a 1080p picture resolution. You will be bowled over by the picture clarity of this TV.

The LC32iF90 TV from iSymphony has a dimension of 31.1x 8.5 x 22.7 inches. The TV weighs almost 23 pounds. The shipping weight of the entire set is 28 pounds. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz. The dynamic contrast rate of the model is 10,000:1. The viewing angles are 176° H x 176° V. The response time is just 5ms, which is simply a great aspect of this TV.

The LC32iF90 has a 32-inch LCD display with full HD native resolution of 1920 x 1080-pixel. You can enjoy watching movies on its 16:9 ratio widescreen. It has a brilliant picture quality due to the display’s high luminance rating of 500cd/m2. You will be able to enjoy your movies and sports with a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This means deeper blacks, brighter whites and colors that pop irrespective of the ambient light. The display features a 5ms response time. Hence, the image updating will be very fast. You will definitely enjoy playing video games as well as watching action movies and sports on your LC32iF90.

The LC32iF90 will help you connect to Internet irrespective of your present digital setup. A pure digital HD connection over the same cable for HD video/audio is possible through the three HDMI ports. You also have two composite and component inputs for additional video sources. A VGA input is also available to use the monitor as a computer also. There are built-in output ports for digital audio and headphones. You have access to all the HD broadcasts in your area using the ATSC/NTSC tuner present in the TV. You will be able to enjoy all the major broadcasts without having a set top box. The full function remote will allow you to control the channels and settings efficiently.

Other Features:
You will be able to transfer audio as well as video files using the HDMI port. You can transfer audio and video files from DVD players, Blu-ray disc players and satellite box.

You can also use this monitor as your PC using the VGA port provided. Hence, you can save on the money that you might spend to buy a PC monitor.

iSymphony LC32iF90 Features | HDTV Price Comparison

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Customer Feedback & Opinion
4 Star Rating
Actual Customer Feedback:
The iSymphony LC32iF90 is a nice TV. Picture quality of this LCD TV is very good for the price. The 1080p resolution with a 32" screen makes it all the more value priced...
-Review by Aubrey from Florida on Amazon.com

Review Conclusion:
You can use this 32-inch TV as a PC also, which is certainly a very good idea. Also with a very clear screen, you will be able to get a whole new and enjoyable TV viewing experience with the iSymphony LC32iF390.
However 5ms refresh rates and non-trendy design may not appeal to avid gamers.

- Review by Editor
Product Details
Manufacturer Info:The California based iSymphony offers a range of consumer electronics products including LCD TV, multimdea TV, wireless audio systems and many more.
HDTV Specifications:iSymphony LC32iF90 Specifications:
  • Display Type: LCD Flat Panel
  • Screen Size: 32 Inches
  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080 )
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 (Dynamic)
  • Viewing Angles: 176° H x 176° V
  • Built-in Tuner NTSC/ATSC

  • Connectivity
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 1 Component Video and 2 Composite Video inputs
  • Connect to your PC with D-Sub 15P x1
  • 1 Digital Audio Coaxial output
  • 1 Headphone socket
HDTV Price:$349.99 Best Deal: Latest Best Price for iSymphony LC32iF90 HDTV
Return & Refund Policy:You are eligible for 30 days full money back guarantee when you purchase fro Amazon

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