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LG 37LB5D Review

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LG 37LB5D HD TV is a 37 inch full HD 1080P LCD HDTV from the South Korean electronics giant. The HD TV provides with 178 degree viewing angle and comes with integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner to receive unscrambled digital cable and digital broadcast signals in the air. The manufacturer claims that LG 37LB5D HDTV is equipped with the special XD technology which enhances color and improves sharpness, contrast and clarity of picture. The LG HDTV is also equipped with HDMI ports for external source connectivity which means you can play games and videos on this high definition Television.

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Customer Feedback & Opinion
3 Star Rating
Actual Customer Feedback:
The LG 37LB5D HDTV picture is sharp and the colors are excellent. Flesh tones are superb. I highly recommend this HDTV
Found on Amazon.com by J. Matus from L.A., USA

While the LG 37LB5D has a very good picture, I don't think it is as high quality as other customers had voiced out.
Amazon Customer from Alexandria, VA

The picture is good on this TV, but the remote is not user friendly. LG 37LB5D has four channel types: TV, DTV, CADTV, CATV which is just confusing to me.
Customer from Florida wrote this on Amazon.com

The customer pretty happy with video and audio quality of LG 37LB5D. But we have seen mixed reaction about the user friendliness of this HDTV and few customers also complained about the remote control. We are waiting for more user feedback to give you a definite conclusion about LG 37LB5D.
- Review by Editor
Product Details
Manufacturer Info:LG Electronics the second largest electronics and home appliances company behind Samsung is world's 3rd largest appliances manufacturer. Their original companies Lucky and GoldStar later merged down to become LG (Lucky GoldStar).
HDTV Specifications:LG 37LB5D HDTV Details:
  • Full HD 1080P 37 inch LCD HDTV
  • The Exclusive XD engine from LG electronics uses 6 special processes to improve color, contrast and improves details
  • The integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner to receive Unscrambled Digital Cable and on the air Digital Broadcast Signals
  • 178 degree viewing angle and super IPS Technology to get clear pictures during motion videos
  • External source connectivity with three HDMI/HDCP inputs, USB 2 and Side mount AV Inputs for S-Video
  • See the Complete list of features ...
HDTV Price:US$999 (Compare Prices)
Return & Refund Policy:Total money back policy when returned witin 30 days from purchase.

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