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Vizio SV421XVT

Vizio SV421XVT Review The SV421XVT is a 42 inch LCD HDTV from Vizio. This Vizio HDTV delivers full high definition pictures with excellent anti-blur motion. However this is a late 2009 model.
Should consider buying this Vizio 42 inch HDTV?
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Vizio XVT553SV


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This 32 inch Vizio HDTV offers very good picture quality for a rock-bottom price. The TV is advertised as eco friendly and energy saving though the power saving capacity is nothing spectacular. The black levels are comparatively lower though this Vizio TV offers excellent color control. For more detailed information read the Vizio VO320E review here

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Vizio SV420XVT1A

Vizio SV420xvt review The 42 inch Vizio SV420XVT HDTV which is a full HD 1080p LCD television utilizes the cutting edge VIZIO technology for excellent picture quality. The audio quality is also good and this Vizio hdtv got good connectivity for gamers.
Read the full Vizio SV420XVT review to find out more.

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