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Samsung LN46A650 Review

Samsung LN46A650
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The 46 inch Samsung LN46A650 LCD HDTV was the best seller till Samsung came up with their new 52 inch HDTV. From the year 2007 Samsung added a number of high end features to their 6 series HDTV models. The Samsung LN46A650 now is packed with features like spontaneous 4 milli second response time, excellent picture quality with a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,o00:1 and Transparent & Opaque Color bezel. Samsung LN46A650 makes use of natural black panel with anti glare shield to reduce reflection of external light which gives you a clear picture of even the minute details in the dark areas. Samsung also added side mounted USB port and four High Definition Multimedia Interface ports to this 46 inch LCD TV which means, now you can connect your camcorder, PC, digital cameras, portable players etc and view them on your LN46A650 HDTV. And there is high end game mode for all those love playing video games on HD TVs.

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Customer Feedback & Opinion
5 Star Rating
Actual Customer Feedback:
I bought Samsung LN46A650 and my Fiancee likes this TV a lot especially the amazing red. I never thought a 46 inch TV could be so light that I was able to pick it up by myself.. The remote control is bit odd shaped and there are some minor issues(you can see lines) with the tv stations with weak signals. I feel Samsung LN46A650 is worth every penny I paid.
From Amazon customer review by Winston Quezada (Kalamazoo, MI)

I have been an adamant fan of SONY for a long time and until I saw Samsung LN46A650 I never imagined another TV producer would be able to match the performance of their HDTV series. The picture is superb and is probably the most clear HDTV that I have seen to date.
On the negative side I had few issues with auto off, but got it fixed easily with Samsung A650-series LCD HDTV firmware update from their website.

Courtesy Amazon HDTV customer review by M. Powell, SC United States.

Samsung LN46A650 is winner among customers. Despite few minor issues with the remote control, all the customer gave very good rating for this 46 inch LCD TV for its picture quality, price and stylish design.
- Review by Editor
Product Details
Manufacturer Info:Samsung Corporation, the Korean electronics giant is catching up with Sony and their HDTV models are even surpassing the expectations of customers. The Samsung LN46A650 is their best selling 46 inch HDTV model from 6 series.
HDTV Specifications:Samsung LN46A650 Details
  • 46 Inch LCD High Definition Television
  • Full HD 1080P Resolution
  • Touch of Color Bezel for clear video
  • Smooth picture movements with 120Hz Auto Motion Plus
  • 4 HDMI Inputs for connecting other media devices
  • Hidden speakers with SRS True Surround audio system
  • Complete list of features and specifications...
HDTV Price:US$1,549.99 (Save $550 + Free shipping )
Return & Refund Policy:30 Days complete refund policy. One year parts and labour warranty.

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