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Samsung UN55D8000 Review

Samsung UN55D8000
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The 55 inch Samsung UN55D8000 is LED HDTV with ultra thin design. This full HD 1080p 240Hz motion plus TV from Samsung is a 3D TV with LED LCD panel which also displays excellent 2D videos. In the following Samsung UN55D8000 review, we will take a detailed look at the picture quality, black levels, connectivity and performance of this Samsung LED HDTV.

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Picture Quality:
Samsung LED TV models are well known for their picture quality. With 1080p full high definition resolution and 240Hz auto motion plus naturally this LED HDTV delivered excellent picture quality with accurate colors. However what makes Samsung UN55D8000 truly special is the micro dimming technology that delivers deep black levels. The Micro Dimming Plus is only available on Samsung UND7900 series onwards. The 2D picture quality of HD broadcasts and blu ray discs were superb.
3D Performance: The 3D blu ray disc which played produced some excellent 3 dimensional effect. The Samsung UN55D8000 LED TV also got the option to convert the any 2D video to 3D which didn’t work well on all the scenes. Samsung supplies two pairs of active 3D glasses with the UND8000 series to watch 3D movies in HD.
However the screen uniformity was poor and it affects the display especially while watching scenes with very less light.

Internet TV:
You can connect Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV to your broadband internet with cable or with built-in wifi to enjoy a wide range of sports, web apps, TV shows, videos from youtube and movies including Netflix and blockbuster through Samsung apps. You can also connect to social media like twitter facebook and even do a picture-in-picture Skype call on your Samsung 55 inch LED TV.

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Connectivity Options:
The Samsung Un55D8000 HDTV model is equipped with 4 HDMI ports, composite and component video ports, 3 USB ports, PC input (1 D-sub 15 ), built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet jack for connecting to internet.

Remote Control with QWERTY keyboard:
Samsung UN55D8000 RemoteThe dual side remote has the standard functions on one side and qwerty keyboard on the other side. You can operate the TV with standard function keys easily and when you are connected to internet flip your remote to start using the qwerty keyboard to type-in. The small screen on the remote displays what you type which is good for those who can’t type without looking at the keyboard. However if you have big fingers you might find the keys too small and difficult to type.

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Customer Feedback & Opinion
4 Star Rating
Actual Customer Feedback:
The picture on Samsung UN55D8000 is both crisp and vibrant. The thin bezel really put the focus on video and the audio from the built-in speaker is also impressive...
-Review by Jason Hellmann on Amazon.com

Though it s bit pricey UN55D800 has crisp pictures and with a slim design and almost non-existent frame it look like this 3D HDTV is projected on a wall...
- Review by Sam from NY on Samsung website.

Pros: Excellent picture quality with accurate colors. Very good 3D performance, stylish design and internet ready with lot of features.
Cons: Poor screen uniformity, qwerty keyboard is small and the TV is bit expensive when compared to other 55 inch LED TV models.

- Review by Editor
Product Details
Manufacturer Info:The 3D LED TV is brought to you by Samsung Electronics, the South Korean consumer electronics giant is a leader in the LED LCD Television market.
HDTV Specifications:Samsung Un55D8000 Specifications:
  • Display Screen Size: 55 Inches (54.6 Inches Diagonal)
  • Panel Type: LED LCD
  • Display Technology: LED With Micro Dimming Plus
  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD

  • Inputs & Outputs
  • 4 HDMI ports (version 1.4)
  • Component Video (Y/PB/PR): 1
  • Composite Video 2 (1 Shared With Componenent)
  • PC Input: 1
  • 3 USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1 Component Audio Input
  • 1 PC Audio Input
  • 1 Digital Audio Output

  • Size:
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 48.5 x 27.8 x 1.2 Inches
HDTV Price:Us$2,786.00 See the current price
Return & Refund Policy:Samsung offers One-year parts and labor warranty.

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