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Sharp Aquos LC52D85U Review

Sharp Aquos LC52D85U
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Sharp Aquos 52 inch HDTV model LC52D85U is a serious competitor to 52″ 1080P HDTV televisions from Samsung and Sony. Apart from the stunning picture quality Sharp LC52D85U got high Contrast Ratio, very good response time of 4ms and 16:9 aspect ratio. The noticeable feature of this 1080P full HD television is 120HZ Fine Motion Enhanced for the excellent in fast motion pictures which means you will get crystal clear pictures of fast moving objects in a movie or a sports event. The viewing angle is pretty good and the anti-glare function is one of the best in the market. Finally the Sharp Aquos LC52D85U comes with 5 HDMI ports which means you can hook up most of your external sources like home theater components, blu-ray or DVD players, Xbox and PC simultaneously.
The design of Sharp LC52D85U is pretty sleek with piano black cabinet and subtle bottom-mounted speakers which produces good quality audio.

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Customer Feedback & Opinion
4.5 Star Rating
Actual Customer Feedback:
I am still getting goose-bumps from this beauty from sharp. The picture is of this 52 inch HDTV is bright, crisp and no banding issues. The anti-reflective feature of LC52D85U completely eliminates any bothersome reflections.
Customer review by M. Ahern for Amazon.com

Sharp LC52D85U comes with excellent picture quality out of the box. The 5 HDMI ports offers excellent connectivity. With could hardly find any negative review about this 52" HDTV.
- Review by Editor
Product Details
Manufacturer Info:Sharp Corporation, Japan. The 52 inch Aquos LC52D85U HDTV is brought to you by Tokyo based Sharp Corporation who are among the top semi-conductor and consumer electronics manufacturers in the world.
HDTV Specifications:Sharp Aquos LC52D85U Specs:
  • Display: 52 Inch LCD Flat Panel
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p HDTV
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 Dynamic
  • Good viewing angle. Sharp claims up to 175 degrees in all 4 axes
  • Special Feature: 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced
  • Sleek design with piano black cabinet (Depth: 13 inches)
  • built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC tuner
  • Audio system: Two in-built speakers

  • Connection options:
  • 5 HDMI inputs (v1.3 with Deep Color) and input for PC
  • Two 1080p HD component inputs
HDTV Price:$1,537.97
Return & Refund Policy:You will get full refund when returend within 30 days from purchase.

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