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Toshiba 32AV500U Review

Toshiba 32AV500U
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Toshiba 32 inch LCD HDTV 32AV500U is a 720P high definition TV. The 38 pounds HDTV comes with stylish, high gloss finish black cabinet. The CineSpeed 8-bit LCD panel with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels produces good quality pictures. Toshiba 32AV500U comes with built-in digital tuners and speakers though some customers are not happy with the sound quality. There are 2 HDMI ports for external source connectivity.
If you are using blu-ray player with Toshiba 32AV500U HDTV then consider the following setting for good picture quality. Set the color:29 contrast:65, Brightness:46 and sharpness:15.

Update: New model Toshiba 32AV502U is available now.

Toshiba 32AV500U Features | 32AV500U Price Comparison

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Customer Feedback & Opinion
4 Star Rating
Actual Customer Feedback:
Excellent picture and vibrant colours. The viewing angle is so wide that I can see a clear picture from my kitchen. But sound quality of Toshiba 32AV500U is mediocre.
By Pau Min Wong from CA USA for Amazon customer review.

We found mixed reviews from customers. The consumer reports of Toshiba 32AV500U indicates that though majority of the customers are happy about the picture quality and price, there were few complaints about the HDMI and couple of customers complained about the poor sound quality.
We highly recommend you to check out Toshiba 32AV502U which is an upgraded model.

- Review by Editor
Product Details
Manufacturer Info:The 32AV500U HDTV is from Japanese based Toshiba Inc who is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics including HDTV and color televisions.
HDTV Specifications:Toshiba 32AV500U Specs:
  • 32 Inch widescreen LCD TV
  • 720p HDTV with aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Integrated digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) tuners for over-the-air TV broadcasts
  • If you have the cable service you can receive unscrambled programs without a set-top box (built-in QAM cable TV tuner)
  • Stylish design with high gloss black cover

  • External Connectivity options:
  • PC Input with Two HDMI Inputs
HDTV Price:US$679.99 (Save $100 )
Return & Refund Policy:You can full refund if you return the HDTV within 30 days of purchase.

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