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VIZIO VO320E Review

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The 32 inch Vizio VO320E LCD TV is advertised as highly energy efficient and environment friendly. However the real plus point of this 720p HDTV is its picture quality at an affordable price. The chic textured finish of this Vizio VO320E HDTV sets it apart the pack. In addition to the nine picture modes, (including four sports modes for sports fans) and four presents, the Vizio VO320E HDTV offers comprehensive color control and ability to adjust color temperature for high color accuracy.
On a 32 inch LCD flat panel the resolution of 1366×768 (720P) and 60Hz produces very good quality HD images. Please note that the advantage of 1080P full HD will only be visible when you go for a TV above 37 inch screen size. The screen uniformity is as good as Sony HDTV models. The digital stereo sound from the small TV speakers are good enough for your bedroom or kitchen. However if you plan to place the TV on a bigger living room you might want to connect the audio output to a home theater system for best movie experience. The calibration process of VO320E is very simple and Vizio has done a very good job by providing a detailed 67-page manual in English.

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Customer Feedback & Opinion
4 Star Rating
Actual Customer Feedback:
Got vo320e to the house hooked up ps3 to it...and I was very impressed. This is my second Vizio TV and I would say great tv for price.
Review by Devon Phenom, Northeren VA on Walmart.com

If you are searching for a great looking HDTV for your bedroom or your small living room, you really can't go wrong with this Vizio tv. The Picture Quality, features, and price make Vizio VO320E as close to a must buy product as I can remember in a long time.
Customer review by William H. Thomas from Madison, USA on Amazon.com

Vizio VO320E Review Summary:
The 32 inch Vizio VO320E delivered good picture quality with excellent color accuracy, anchored by its relatively accurate gray scale, though the black levels were average. This LCD hdtv is suitable for those who love extensive picture controls with detailed color temperature settings at a very affordable price.

- Review by Editor
Product Details
Manufacturer Info:VO320E is brought to you by Vizio Inc., an American based consumer electronics company which produced high quality HDTV though this particular model is not made in USA.
HDTV Specifications:VIZIO VO320E Specs :
  • Display: 32 inches LCD flat Panel (31.51 diagonal viewing area)
  • Resolution: 720P High Definition 1366 x 768 Native Resolution
  • Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1 for darker black
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Display Technology: TFT active matrix
  • 6X High Definition inputs, including 2X HDMI inputs
  • Exceeds current Energy Star Guidelines by at least 15%
  • Audio: 2 built-in speakers with 10w output
  • Balance , Bass , Treble audio controls
  • See the complete list of Features...
HDTV Price:$411.00
Return & Refund Policy:You can avail the 60 days money back guarantee from Amazon when you buy from here.

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